January 11, 2008 Due to popular demand, minimal source for AOS unpacker: unpack-20050506.tar.gz (6 KB)
May 3, 2005 CVS snapshot, gcc-3.4-calmrisc16-20050503.tar.bz2 (12.6 MB)
CVS snapshot, binutils-2.15-calmrisc16-20050503.tar.bz2 (11.9 MB)
CVS snapshot, gemoss-20050506.tar.bz2 (3.2 MB)
September 17, 2004 CVS snapshot, gmemu-20040917.tar.gz (179 KB)
September 16, 2004 Samsung GNU-Pro toolchain for CalmRISC16, source archive (36 MB)
or entire archive including outdated binaries and Redboot: BitTorrent (306 MB)
July 7, 2004 Anonymous CVS server working, :pserver:anonymous@www.donat.org:4038/home/donat/cvsd
May 5, 2004 Combined both into a single package, updated build process, and many many bugs corrected aostoolsv0.7.tar.gz: AOS Tools version 0.7, more details in the Readme
May 1, 2004 disasmTCC730v0.2.tar.gz: Version 0.2, build fixes, and a few small bugs
April 30, 2004 Initial version of disasmTCC730, a tool to convert binary machine language files to assembler mnemonics disasmTCC730v0.1.tar.gz: Version 0.1, check readme file for information
April 28, 2004 Added a useful tool for manipulating AOS files, source only, should be mostly cross platform
AOSTool.c: Decrypts and decompressed AOS files
GPL.TXT: AOSTool.c is license under the GNU General Public License
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