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Dissection of a Gmini 120
Dissection of a Gmini 220
Replacing a blown fuse Often the problem if the gmini doesn't respond to being plugged into the adapter.
Treyqae's 80 GB Gmini 120.
Automotive 5v dc-dc adapter
Wiki - Repository of gmEmu knowledge. (Closed, email for details)
Porting Rockbox to the Gmini
Information pertaining to the Gmini hardware.
Releases of sources & binaries from the project
Browse the CVS repository, provided by Source Forge
Discussion Board: The place to check up on what is going on with the project.
Join us on IRC,, in #gmemu
Email the developers (not checked as often as the board)
Laptop Harddrive: For the curious.. Inside of an old laptop harddrive.
Random files that have accumulated during the project.
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